9 frames out of the 26 Arin Hanson animated here do not make enough justice, but gosh dang, this guy has just gotten better and better in technique.

He does not only use extreme differences in each still but also makes completely different faces in between, and they actually fucking work.

I want to see more people animate like this.

this is why it’s pissing me off so much that people are acting like Pokeawesome 2 was some kind of huge disappointment.

Arin is an incredibly skilled animator and an extremely talented artist, and when average viewers look at web cartoons, they often don’t appreciate the time, effort, and sheer talent it takes to create something like this. All they care about is if “the joke was funny” or not. He did this for FREE, though. He did this because he wanted to, and because he COULD. Not because anyone on the internet was entitled to it. With a webtoon like this, the joke is entirely secondary to the animation. And the animation on this is stunning. It’s a work of art in and of itself.

The world needs more artists like Arin Hanson. And the world needs to appreciate the one we have in the meantime.


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